Inspirational Messenger – Patricia Cori

Patriciajpg We are at a crossroads today – we can go one of two ways – the way of Atlantis, destroyed forever in destruction and the sea of sameness or we can venture down the road of inspiration, empowerment and consciousness and change our course forever and that is the road that Patricia Cori has decided to take and is relentlessly working to inspire others to do the same.

Bestselling Author with 13 books in her repertoire, activist for the rights of human beings and animals and a warrior for Planet Earth, Patricia is an icon of wisdom, love and passion. Listen to Patricia as she speaks about her latest book The Emissary – her first work of fiction – as she expertly uses the age old craft of storytelling to reveal some home truths about humanity and how whales and dolphins, the majestic, ancient creatures of the sea are essential to our future.

If you would love get a copy of the song played in this interview Stand in Your Light by Tiny van Niekerk Click here

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