Inspirational Messenger – Against the Grain Judy van Niekerk and Brian Tracy

Against The Grain Cover by Brian Tracy  and Judy van Niekerk

Your Power – Your Riches: 7 Steps to Extraordinarily Release Your Powers Within an extract from my bestselling book Against the Grain I co-authored with Brian Tracy.

From harsh beginnings where I lived incarcerated with sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse daily I found a way to escape and build my life and through many ups and downs since the years I escaped I have synthesised in 7 steps the strategies that I used to guide me to a road of inner peace – self love and joy.

Learn how you can unlock your inner technology in 7 steps.

In this podcast I also explain how my much loved MASTERY Technique will powerfully guide you to creating your enriched life – where you shed the shackles of your suffering, pain and perceptions and see the phenomenal opportunities for you to live your life on true potential.

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