Inspired Wealth #3 Anita Casalina Co-Founder Billions Rising Foundation

Anita Casalina

Anita Casalina

Billions Rising – what is it?  There is a growing movement in developing regions that is changing the world – only at the moment it is what Peter Diamandis in his book ABUNDANCE would call in a ‘deceptive’ phase – it’s happening but we don’t know about it – YET!  and when we do it will have grown so much that it will be completely ‘disruptive’.

Disruptive in terms of how the global landscape will look!  with approximately 3 billion people coming on line over the next 3-5 years from developing regions the impact on our global economy is going to be transformational – in my opinion it will create a phenomenal global economic growth that is more sustainable than we have experienced before.

What is happening right now around the globe is a growing momentum of building self reliance where people in developing regions are turning to entrepreneurship and self reliance to solve problems and issues that are economically viable and no longer waiting for a hand out or charity. This shift is mindset is coupled with an increase in collaboration with entrepreneurs and organisations in developed countries. Listen to this amazing interview with Anita Casalina co founder of the Billions Rising Foundation and co author of the bestselling book Billions Rising where she highlights the amazing work currently being done by many around the world and in the process are creating massive changes.

There are phenomenal opportunities at the moment to build inspired wealth and live a legacy – never more so than now!

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