Inspirational Messenger #2 Thank God I interview – Thank God I am Empowered

empowering-women-front-cover-jpeg-257x400In this episode of Inspirational Messenger I am interviewed by Heather Vale Goss from about the story I told in the book Thank God I am Empowered Woman.

You can listen to that story on Inspirational Messenger #1 Thank God I am Empowered.

In this episode I talk about how I kept myself grounded and unbroken through a ritual. In the process of doing this ritual I found peace and deep and rock solid inner strength. I also built self love and a powerful connection with my Higher Self in the process which meant that no matter how hard things got – I was unbreakable.

This is what I call today Charging Your Challenges™ – becoming bigger than them, being the master of your challenges. Not just overcoming challenges but turning them on their head where you are in total control and use them for your spiritual and material growth.

If you would love to learn more about Charging Your Challenges™ go to

REMEMBER – there is no earthly challenge you are not bigger than!

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