Inspirational Messenger #1 Thank God I am Empowered

empowering-women-front-cover-jpeg-257x400The Night I nearly killed my Dad

In this episode, through the power of storytelling I show you how phenomenally releasing Charging Your Challenges™ is – now matter how traumatic the challenge.

In this episode –

  • I talk about the power we possess that often remains locked inside us.
  • I show though my own experience the profound impact of unlocking that power.
  • How to see the love and compassion in every challenge we experience – irrespective of how extreme it is.
  • In the story I show how you can catch a glimpse of what is happening on the other side of the fence – where the challenge is coming from.
  • How you will grow exponentially and be phenomenally empowered the moment you do charge your challenges
  • There is always something to be grateful for – no matter what.
  • and much much more…
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